Growing up

After a trial year we decided we could expand the business significantly. We had more than enough land and people loved our product. The trial year was vital as it was more than just a trial to see if the business would be viable. We also explored different growing techniques, different flower varieties and different bunching and packaging methods. We also spent a large amount of time reading and researching and visiting similar businesses in other parts of the country.
Growing up the production side is the easy bit. It’s the bit we love. However growing up also means embracing the side of the business which we have so far avoided – advertising, promotions and utilizing social media. However our skills are growing fast. I can now manage a website and online shop, I have taken an advertising and social media course and booked up to do a few outside events over the coming year. My first love will always be growing the flowers and for every hour I spend inside on the chores bit I still get to spend 8 hours outside on the good stuff. I hope I can maintain that sort of a ratio!20180721_090852

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