New season, new ideas.

We have done a lot of planning for next year and a lot of plants are in the ground ready for next years markets and events. As always what we are growing and selling changes as we adapt to the needs of our clients. We have had two royal weddings this year that featured white flowers and, in particular, lily of the valley in bouquets. Subsequently my florists are asking for as many white and scented flowers as I can grow, so next year some purely white cutting beds are going in. We have been asked to do a prestigious two day event in midsummer (news on this to follow shortly!) This has meant we have had to develop a range of new products to suit the wonderful venue. Our amazing customers have told us they would love to see behind the scenes and attend more events at the farm, so next year we will also be running various customer based open days. The first of which will be a seed and plant fair in April. We also hope to host a sweet pea festival in June and a dahlia festival in August or September. After the success of our pick your own sweet peas last year we are also looking at opening some of the other cutting beds up for pick your own bunches.  There is a lot to be getting on with over the next few weeks!

sweet peas

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