March on the farm

March is one of the busiest months for us. The majority of the spring growing takes place this month and we will be working around the clock to sow, pot on and plant a huge variety of flower and veggie plants. It is also time to wake up the dahlia tubers and take cuttings for the new season. Narcissi, tulips, anemone and ranunculus come into bloom in the flower field alongside the wallflowers, valerian, flowering currant and cherry blossom in the garden. This year we have built a new flower shed sales area and renovated the greenhouse. We brought the greenhouse second-hand 25 years ago, along with the wooden staging inside it, and it’s fair to say the shelving was well and truly past its best. As well as all the growing going on we usually have a few newborns to look after – this year it’s goats and chicks. Oh and the bees wake up, the hives need a spring clean and some new honey frames. The days are getting longer but there still aren’t enough hours in them to get everything done!

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