The new season starts on the flower farm

We opened our doors to the public on the 30th March this year and it has been a manic two weeks! The glasshouse is filled to bursting, as are the polytunnels, and over half of the field is planted. We are constantly searching for more space to cram plants into. The flowers in the flower shed have sold out almost every day since we opened the door. I did not order enough tulips or narcissi. In the summer when trying to plan I knew I wanted to grow only the best and most sumptuous spring bulbs, but of course these are also the most expensive and difficult to grow. I ordered cautiously, not wanting to go into the 2019 season with a large debt. The demand we have had for our flowers has far exceeded our expectations. Each bunch could have been sold three times over! There has been a growing interest in buying and using seasonal British flowers – and we’ve been contacted by flower wholesalers, florists and members of the public all wanting buy British flowers. Sowing and preparing plants for the summer and autumn flower trade is still underway, so having learned from my mistakes I am growing as much as I can, and then some! As for next spring, well I have taken on another couple of acres and already got tulip and narcissi bulbs in my basket with my favourite supplier (Peter Nyssen) ready for when the spring bulb sales start again in mid summer.

The image shows tulip Professor Rontgen. Not a fashionable spring colour, but its stunning shape, green streaks and large flowers have made it a huge hit with our customers.

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