June and we are back in business!

Lockdown restrictions are gradually easing and from next Monday we will be allowed to re-open our flower shed , which happily coincides with British Flowers Week. Most of the flower field is looking good and two acres are in full production. The third acre is currently furloughed (now there’s a new word!) as we will need to move the majority of the plants from there in September and October to put up the new polytunnel. The dahlias are all in, and growing well.

The British Flower trade continues to thrive and demand for our flowers has been huge. So although we’ve over doubled our growing space, I’m still not sure we are growing enough. This year we have also dedicated about half an acre to flowers and grasses for drying as dried flowers are still very much in demand. The phone doesn’t stop ringing and the order book is always full. Which is just as well because this month will be the most expensive month for us. June is when I order almost all of our tulip, ranunculus, narcissi and other bulbs. After selling out of tulips two years in a row I’m going to up the amount we grow again this year – although I must admit planting them is not my favourite job and I’m not looking forward to the extra trenches I’ll need to dig in November. But nothing beats seeing the first spring bulbs blooming and kicking off a new British flowers season!

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