Week 01 (starting Jan 3rd)

Taking Stock

Seed sowing will start from the end of January. Not many varieties will be sown that early, but as the weeks progress more and more will be sown each week. As the weeks move on we will be sowing successions of some things, first sowings of others and pricking out and potting on of the seedlings that have already germinated. By March there will be so many things to sow and seedlings to look after that we won’t have enough time in the day, or space for everything. Therefore it is really important that we try to be well prepared now.

Early in January I try to do a stocktake of all of the seeds I have – I organise them alphabetically and make a note of any that I do not have enough of. This year I need to order extra antirrhinum, phlox and setaria (because foolishly I forgot to save any seed last year.) I will also check how the stocks of compost, seed trays and plant labels are looking. Anything I need for the fast approaching seed sowing and propagating season will be ordered now. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a full day to work on seed sowing than finding out you’ve no labels and have to go scratching about for old ones. Our old labels, pots and trays are recycled until they are no longer fit for purpose, and I’m afraid we still use plastic, until the alternatives become reliable and affordable.

Seed suppliers we use

Moles seeds, Chiltern Seeds, Plants of Distinction, Premier Seeds Direct, Seekay Horticulture, Breeders Seeds, Roger Parsons Sweet Peas.


Sinclair professional potting compost or for peat free, Sylvagrow

Seed Trays and Pots

H. Smith Plastics

Getting ahead. If we have time this week we will clean and clear our propagation area (heated conservatory and windowsills, the greenhouse and the polytunnel.)

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