October 2022

Apologies for the lack of a September blog post. If you are a Bedfordian, you’ll know why we were so busy! The 2022 Great Big Green Week was a huge success and we were lucky enough to be asked to represent the local cut flower growers and indie florists by creating a Flower Flash to kick the week off!

Local Florists and growers working on the Flower Flash on Silver Street in Bedford

I applied for partial funding and put forward our proposal way back in February. I dare not even mention it to the others in our little British cut flowers collective until it was all approved. Needless to say the team were over the moon to be working on such a worthwhile project. I was exhausted, but by the end of the day the younger members of the team were asking me ‘what’s next?’ Keen as mustard this lot! The best bit was seeing the faces of the people of Bedford when they came in to town and saw what we were doing. The worst bit was being interviewed by Look East, although reporter Andy Holmes was the loveliest person to work with, trying to put me at ease throughout. People say I came across well. I watched it once and never again!

Next steps – We’ve been asked by the council to create something similar as part of the town’s Christmas celebrations and then the GBGW returns in June next year – we are already planning bigger and better for that one! In between we will all be doing our usual day jobs making sure flowers get grown, harvested, arranged and delivered to customers across the county. Many of us are also attending shows and competitions (either collectively or representing our own businesses) to publicise the sustainability, quality and range of British grown cut flowers.

But for now, back to reality and back in my comfort zone, working on the land to get this seasons crops lifted or tucked up for winter and next years crops in the ground.

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