November 2022

Roses and honeysuckle over the gate from the garden into the paddock

There is an awful lot to do this month. We have secured an extra acre of land and are currently in the process of designing and planting a new flower field which is very much aimed at public engagement. The new plot will include a large PYO plot, a gorgeous plot of our best selling scented roses (with rose arches and arbours), a blossom orchard and a foliage maze. We will include large grass pathways, suitable for providing picnic and seating areas and hopefully a perennial flower meadow under the trees in the blossom orchard. I’m also very excited to be using the OH’s range of garden metalwork and floristry mechanics around the plot, which we will be able to use to showcase the best of sustainable floristry techniques.

When will the field and PYO plot be open to the public? We are aiming for June. We’ve hundreds of ideas of ways to use the new area, from bring your own picnics to outdoor plays to family treasure hunts. The past couple of years of covid and lockdown periods has meant that people are now really keen to get out and enjoy doing things outside in the fresh air with their families and the wider community. Our aim is to provide a varied range of activities throughout the year with a focus on family events and we will be trying to run lots of events that won’t be too expensive and even some events like picnics, which will be free. We are acutely aware that cost of living increases mean families have much less money to spend on days out so perhaps we will be able to give families a fun thing to do at the weekend, without needing to spend a fortune.

Of course, because there is a lot to do, Jack and I are starting the month with a flu bug, which has, for the first time we can remember meant we’ve had to take time off for health reasons. There has also been more rain than I’d like – but the rain is needed to top up groundwater levels after the Summer drought, so I won’t moan too much about that. Yet. On top of getting the new field ready, we are also working on the usual November tasks of lifting dahlias, dividing and moving perennials and planting bulbs.

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