Growers Course The Hay Lane growers course is designed to provide you with the skills you will need to grow flowers and foliage either just as a hobby or on a commercial scale. The course comprises of nine monthly modules and is very much a practical based course, where you will grow and care for your own plants throughout the year. The first module is in March and the final module in October. Each session runs from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm on a Saturday morning. To get the best from the course you should aim to attend the sessions in person. However if you cannot attend every session, there is an option to complete sessions virtually, with online tuition and course materials (where possible) being mailed to you.

The modules, with tentative dates in brackets, are made up as follows:

March (Sat 20th) – Cancelled first session now taking place in May

sowing hardy annuals, what to sow, seed suppliers, growing on, planting summer flowering bulbs (lilies and gladioli), coppicing trees and shrubs, starting dahlia tubers for taking cuttings.

Practicals – sowing and pricking out seedlings, planting bulbs, starting dahlias, coppicing dogwood.

April (Sat 17th) –  Cancelled first session now taking place in May

Planting out, spacing, feeding and protecting young plants, sowing half-hardy and tender annuals, taking cuttings of dahlia and chrysanthemum.

Practicals – planting a block of hardy annuals, taking cuttings of dahlia and chrysanthemum.

May (Sat 15th) – growing on, pinching, stopping, plant supports and training, planting out dahlia tubers and chrysanthemum, using weed control fabric, irrigating, feeding and mulching.

Practicals – pinching sideshoots and stopping on chrysanthemum and dahlia plants, planting out a block of half hardy annuals through weed control fabric (including creating planting holes).

June (Sat 19th) – Chrysanthemum and dahlia care, looking after roses

Practicals – disbudding dahlia plants, feeding dahlia and chrysanthemum plants, checking and feeding roses, taking softwood rose cuttings.

July (Sat 17th) –  Taking cuttings from shrubs and perennials, focus on compost, the compost heap, making compost tea, wormerys and household waste composting

Practicals – taking cuttings, building a mini wormery (worms included!)

August (Sat 14th) – sowing biennials and hardy annuals for next years flowers. Seed collecting, breeding programmes, hybridizing.

Practicals – collecting and storing seeds, cross pollinating.

September (Sat 18th) – planting out perennials, biennials and hardy annuals, constructing caterpillar tunnels to protect young plants outside, focus on sweet peas.

Practicals, planting out a block of hardy annuals and constructing a caterpillar tunnel to protect them through the winter. Sowing sweet peas.

October (Sat 16th) – planting Ranunculus, anemone and spring flowering bulbs, planting shrub and trees, lifting and splitting perennials, lifting and storing dahlias, overwintering chrysanthemums.

Practicals – presprout a tray of ranunculus and anemone corms, plant a row of tulips, lift an prepare a dahlia tuber for winter storage, lift and prepare a chrysanthemum plant for overwintering.

Each session costs £35 and includes all course materials. For further information or to book a place on the growers course please contact Jane using the contact us tab.