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October – 2018  Now that autumn is here it is time to plant bulbs for spring cut flowers. Ranunculus and anemone are currently being pre-sprouted and trenches are being dug for daffodil and tulip bulbs, which are going in by the hundred. This year we have elected to grow scented, heirloom daffs again and some new varieties of peony flowered tulip. Also really excited to be trialling new colours of ranunculus, can’t wait to see them in bloom. Oh, and because I love them for Christmas, I’ve been busy prepping basketfulls of paperwhite narcissi. Their scent fills the house during the holiday period and I couldn’t be without them!





August – 2018 The dahlias and zinnias are just starting to bloom, so life is certainly going to be very busy, but also very colourful from now on! 20180717_072729[1]