News and Events

Seed and Plant swap open day:  Saturday May 11th 2019

On May 11th we will be holding the first open day of the year at the flower farm at Hay Lane. This will be a busy time on the farm as we will be planting out the hardier annual plants and potting on and even still sowing the tender annuals and succession sowings. During the day, while stocks last, we will be swapping or selling excess plants and seeds. So if you are a keen gardener and have grown twice as many tomatoes as you need bring the excess along and swap them for something else. Got no plants to  swap? Don’t worry – there will be an option to buy as well. The more of us that bring seeds or plants along the more choice there will be, and here at Hay Lane we’re all about saving money, recycling and minimizing waste! There will also be a chance to have a look around the late spring flowers and the future pick your own flowers beds. Refreshments will be available.


Woburn Abbey and Gardens Honey Festival

We have been lucky enough to be invited to bring our flower farm produce to the Honey Festival on the 22nd September. As beekeepers we love this event and it is great to be able to represent the side of farming that has organic and sustainable principles at its heart. All of our flowers are grown the old fashioned way with organic weed and pest control and organic fertilizer (manure and liquid seaweed). This means that bees and butterflies will always have a clean source of nectar (and pollen) in our flower fields. Because of our own bees we grow a lot of flowers which are good for pollinators. As well as our dahlia bouquets and other seasonal flowers we will be selling a small amount of seeds from varieties which we have grown in the cutting beds this year.

One of our girls enjoys a taste of the exotic!


Late Summer


The dahlias and zinnias are starting to flower now so life is going to be very busy and very colourful from now on!