The Flower Club Year 2 – Colour School

In year 2 we will focus on the use of colour in flower arrangements and look at how different colours can be used in different environments to the best effect. Each month we will focus on working with a different colour palette to produce a themed arrangement.

April – Yellow. A playful arrangement suitable for a Spring dinner party table. Bringing light and sunshine into the house as the days get longer and we look forward to more days outside.

May – Blue to purple. Tulips, larkspur and alliums have bold shapes which we will use to create a modern, ombre mantlepice arrangement.

June – White. A light and airy ‘flower tree’ arrangement in a tall galvanised bucket vase. A stunning party centerpiece.

July – Red. In contrast to June’s airy piece the red bowl arrangement will be a very tightly constructed piece where the positioning of each flower is carefully considered. A piece where the shape and hue of each flower is vital.

August – Peach, cream and burgundy. Often chosen for wedding work we will create a simple bridal bouquet and buttonhole.

September – Orange. The installation piece. Large flowers, grasses, ferns and bold colours will be used to add drama to an asymmetric archway with a very ‘midsummer nights dream’ feel. Group project.

October – Natural dried flower and grains – the muted tones of mustard, biscuit and faded greens and whites will be used to create a simple dried door wreath.

The Christmas Wreath – Green with a twist. Each Flower Club member will choose, as a starting point, a coloured ribbon from a selection and create an individual wreath based around that colour.