October (how is it October already!?)

I have limped (quite literally as I have injured my foot) through to the end of the season! It was our last day of fresh flower sales yesterday. As the year went on it just got more and more manic as more customers – florists and public alike, discovered us and became regulars. Which was good, it’s just been difficult juggling the growing, cutting, selling and paperwork, when I had no idea at the start of the year how quickly the business would grow.

However we have still managed to complete a few tasks over and above the everyday ones to ensure that we are ready to hit the ground running when the new season comes around. The new polytunnel is up, the biennials are all in, as are most of the hardy annuals for early cropping. Lots more perennials and shrubs have gone in, and the weed control fabric we laid over a large area last year has significantly cut down on the workload. Some of the bulbs have been planted and the anemone and ranunculus are pre-sprouted and ready to go!

We have two areas we want to develop further next year, firstly we would like to grow even more flowers for drying, as the market for them has remained huge again this year. Secondly I would like to try to extend the season for a month either side of where we are at the moment and be able to cut enough fresh flowers for my market bouquets from March through to November. The polytunnel will help with this, as will variety selection.

Now all I need is some half-decent winter weather!

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